Streetlight 11
The luminaire of the future

With modern streetlighting, towns and cities provide an important contribution to their energy efficiency, sustainability, safety and future viability.


A modern design, high quality of light, efficient performance and reliable functionality? Simple operation, low maintenance complexity, intelligent light control, a future-fit luminaire concept, state-of-the-art technology and ready for integrating smart solutions beyond light? A new road luminaire in the form of Streetlight 11 is on the way to already fulfilling the complete bandwidth of light requirements in modern towns and cities – as well as in tomorrow's smart cities.

Download all information on Streetlight 11 here

Contributes to ignificantly improving the uniformity of the illumination

"Safety is a factor of location – and can be increased with intelligent lighting design" - Leif Jansen, freelance city planner

High pressure discharge lamps have two major disadvantages: their spherical light emission and their size. Approximately 50% of the emitted light is usually not deflected by a reflector. This on the one hand causes the typical “bright spots” below the luminaires, and on the other creates unevenly distributed light between the luminaires, the so-called dark zones. High levels of visual comfort without safety gaps are only achieved with uniform illumination. The high-definition reflectors of Streetlight 11 mainly illuminate the areas between the luminaires. The result – homogenous illumination that is impossible with high pressure discharge lamps.

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