Guarantee process for special lighting

OSRAM products are innovative and technologically high-quality products that are carefully tested and which are subject to the strict monitoring undertaken by the OSRAM quality assurance system. Should you still have cause to be unsatisfied, you can here find information concerning guarantees at OSRAM.

OSRAM guarantee: Guarantee process for OSRAM KREIOS LED luminaires

Guarantee process for OSRAM KREIOS LED luminaires

OSRAM KREIOS – efficient and versatile luminaires with LED technology surpass industry expectations for high performance, ease of use, energy efficiency and provide creative lighting solutions for different entertainment, event and architectural applications. Our long-time presence and extensive knowledge of these markets, combined with proven expertise in LED technology, allow OSRAM to create unique solutions of the highest value.

KREIOS LED fixtures help end users meet the diverse and dynamic requirements of the industry, while providing the benefits of increased energy efficiency and lower operating cost.

These products are offered by OSRAM with up to 3 years guarantee.

The OSRAM guarantee for KREIOS LED fixtures is sub-divided into the following stages, depending on the product:

  • Two year
  • Three years

The following products are covered by the OSRAM guarantee:

Three years OSRAM guarantee


Two years OSRAM guarantee


Here's how the guarantee works

The KREIOS LED fixtures that fail to work properly as a result of a product defect during the several years period are covered by the OSRAM guarantee.

Please note: The guarantee applies only to countries with customer service addresses stated in the list of countries.

To receive a replacement, please send the defective device in a protective package along with your purchase receipt, postage paid by the sender, to the OSRAM customer service address in your area. Your statutory rights regarding defective goods remain unaffected.

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