Modular system architecture

EINSTONE Smart Retail is a modular system that is able to bring together all relevant customer data – whether offline, online or mobile. The system is made up of elements for location-based marketing, analytics (including a dashboard), and beacon management. Existing CRM/POS systems and location-based apps can also be connected up.

System Architecture

The graphic shows the components that are included in the EINSTONE smart retail solution:

  • Beacon hardware management: Provision of the EINSTONE beacon modules
  • EINSTONE suite (dashboard) with customer-specific reports: Display of redeemed coupons, completed campaigns, etc.
  • Campaign management: Development of personalized offers, invitations, etc.
  • Push notification generator: Activation of the campaign as a push notification directly to the customer’s smartphone
  • Analysis of CRM, POS and sales data: Display of sales data like amount, number, etc.
  • Analysis of customer insights: Collection of customer-specific data like name, customer number, etc.

EINSTONE Smart Retail

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